World’s first decentralised AI market

Pandora Boxchain aims to create world decentralized artificial intelligence the same way Bitcoin has created world decentralized payments and Ethereum — world decentralized computer.

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Problems we are trying to solve

Today, there exist no decentralized or even centralized open markets for each of the components required for machine learning: big data, ML models and computing power.


Big data are oligopolized by
Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon


Creators of ML kernels and AI architectures
have no place to sell their work


Cloud computing for ML tasks is highly
centralized by the subset of the same players

Our solution

We create an open market for all segments on a decentralized blockchain-based system named «Pandora Boxchain» ideally suited for Artificial Intelligence computing. This network will supercede existing PoW and PoS consensus models by introducing new Proof of Cognitive Work consensus (PoCW), rewarding owners of hardware used for AI tasks, and in the future will reward AI developers using Research Work Reward Algorithm.

Markets that we disrupt

Our core strategy to capture the market is to enable its players to do things that they cannot do today.


Business & Science

Cheap AI computations
and access to Big Data


Miners & Hosters

Mining with GPU farms and sell computing
power on notebooks & mobiles


Business & Science

Sell results of research work
and get funds for researches


Business & Science

Obtain open market for selling
big data with fair prices

Our roadmap

Stage I

Open market of Big Data, Machine Learning and computing powers

Stage II

Transformation from mining to cognitive computing

Stage III

Launching into space a network of satellites on which AI computing will be processed

Stage IV

Complex world-wide AI cognitive evolution in all industries

Stage V

Boost of economy and cyber-biological merge between AI and human to create Homo Deus

Pandora Technology

Pandora Network built of Nodes that can be of two types: Workers and Witness. Worker Nodes have hardware suited for neural network computations and perform that computations upon request according to the consensus mechanism. Witness Nodes contain Pandora Boxchain and do not participate in computations; they can provide data for light and normal clients and host dApps.


Proof of Cognitive Work (PoCW)

Pandora Boxchain uses two levels for consensus:


Blockchain-level consensus that secures network non-computational transactions (PAN transfers, publication of kernels and datasets, computation request contracts etc). No Pandora-specific mining happens here. Some external blockchain may be used for this first level; at the initial stage we will use the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Decentralized markets for data & AI models
  • Token Transfers
  • May be Ethereum smart-contract based, or based on other
    Smart Contract level, or even use multiple blockchains
  • Can use both existing PoW and PoS blockchains


Boxchain consensus with PoCW algorithm. This level of consensus secures AI computations and performs mining of PAN tokens upon completion of cognitive work. Cognitive work is a work of finalized, successful and correct computations on users datasets performed with artificial neural networks.

  • Cognitive Mining – Proof of Cognitive Work
  • Research rewards – Proof of Research Work (h-index)
  • Workers Reputation System
  • Validation and Arbitration

Our team


Maxim Orlovsky

Co-Founder, Visionary
  • PhD, MD
  • Scientific publications h-index: 4
  • ResearchGate score 14.85
  • Neuroscientist and computer scientist, entrepreneur
  • Mentor in Microsoft CloudBusinessCity
    startup incubator
  • Head of BICALabs
  • Co-founder of Ukrainian Bitcoin Foundation
    and Event Horizons Foundation

Sabina Sachtachtinskagia

Co-Founder, Economics & Games Theory Expert
  • M.Sc. in Economics
  • Ph.D. candidate in the areas of
    Game Theory and Technology Transfer
    in the Athens University of Economics
    and Business
  • Co-founder of Events Horizons Foundation

Olga Ukolova

Co-founder, Product and Operations
  • MD
  • 8 years in business analysis
    and software and AI development
  • Ex-COO in iQortex (AI business
    consulting agency)
  • Researcher and scientist in the
    fields of neuroscience, data mining,
    data science, blockchain
  • Specialist on cognitive architectures,
    recommender systems, augmented
    reality, neuromarketing and information

Andrey Sobol

Co-Founder, Economics and Technology
  • Blockchain expert
  • Blockchain, smart contract and
    web developer
  • Former tech lead in
  • Blockchain and sidechain architect
  • Columnist in

Vitaliy Bulychov

Co-Founder, Business Development
  • Blockchain researcher and
    investor since 2012
  • Certification Committee Board
    Member at
  • Advisor at – blockchain
    cybersecurity solution

Andriy Khavryuсhenko

Co-Founder, Advisor
  • Developer of DASH cryptocurrency
    (world top 8 market cap $1.4B)
  • 4 years in crypto developing
  • 26 years in software development